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Big Data Research - Newsletter
Newsletter Edition #002
february 2017

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Technology Forum on Artificial Intelligence draws large crowd at TU Berlin

Berlin – 2017-01-23

© TU Berlin

On 23rd January 2017, BBDC Co-Director Prof. Dr. Klaus-Robert Müller spoke at and moderated a technology forum on artificial intelligence at TU Berlin. Together with distinguished researchers from the field of machine learning he presented some of the research results achieved in the context of the Berlin Big Data Center. Other speakers included Prof. Dr. Martin Riedmiller, Research Scientist at Google DeepMind, Dr. Ralf Herbrich, Managing Director of the Amazon Development Center in Berlin and another principal investigator of the Berlin Big Data Center, Prof. Dr. Thomas Wiegand, Executive Director at Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institut in Berlin. The event stirred quite some interest and the interested public and due to over 1600 registered attendants the event, which already took place in TU Berlins "Auditorium maximum", was streamed live into the second largest lecture hall as well.   >> more

BBDC at NIPS 2016

Berlin – 2017-01-18

The machine learning group of Prof. Dr. Klaus-Robert Müller was looking back to a successful participation at the NIPS conference. NIPS is among the most influential artificial intelligence conferences. Especially the deep learning community shapes this event. At this year's conference the BBDC members presented a new algorithm to train neural networks. Additionally, the group published four workshop papers. Two out of those four received a best paper award! The first describes a novel way to scale Multi-Class-SVM in settings where one discriminates between thousands of different categories. The second paper treats the explanation of non-linear machine learning algorithms.   >> more

ScaDS: Big Data as research topic in new software center activities

Dresden/Leipzig – 2017-01-11

A few weeks ago, the new DLR software institute was announced and will be established at TU Dresden. The aim of the Dresden DLR institute is the research and development to support the virtual system capability of the German aerospace industry in the areas of hardware, software and application systems. Furthermore, current activities are ongoing to establish additionally a „Smart Systems Hub“ at the TU Dresden, which is strongly supported by the Federal Government of the Free State of Saxony.   >> more

NOMAD Analytics Hackathon at BBDC Partner Fritz Haber Institut (FHI) 

Berlin – 2017-01-18 – 01-20


The NOMAD Hackathon, held at the Berlin Big Data Centre on the 18-20 Jan 2017, was a great success! There were 26 attendees and all those who attended showed great dedication and skills. We focused on developing a number of Big Data Analytics tools for the NOMAD Laboratory CoE, a European Centre of Excellence ( Some of the tools that were developed at the Hackathon have been presented to industry representatives at the NOMAD Industry Meeting in Hamburg (06-07 Feb 2017). Other tools will be presented at future meetings.  >> more

Save-the-date: Big Data Excellence in Germany and UK – March 1st 2017 in Berlin

Berlin – 2017-03-01


A joint event by the Berlin Big Data Center and UK Science and Innovation Network will be held on the 1st March 2017. You will hear about UK's big data landscape and the Berlin Big Data Centre projects, with sessions on data analytics, big data management, machine learning and e-health. There will also be a discussion about how UK and Germany are building up national networks for interdisciplinary collaboration and how researchers are collaborating with government and industry in practice. The event takes place in Smart Data Forum (SDF), Berlin. To attend the event, please register  >> here

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