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Big Data Research - Newsletter
Newsletter Edition #007
February 2019

In this edition:

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Google CEO Sundar Pichai visited TU Berlin

Berlin – 2019-01-22

 Markl and Pichai

© TU Berlin/PR/Felix Noak

AI is a key part of Germany‘s digital transformation initiative and although this surge will bring about many new opportunities, there are also many questions. On the 22nd of January 2019, TU Berlin held a session on „Fostering Responsible Innovation: A Conversation with Google‘s CEO Sundar Pichai.” Hosted by Prof. Volker Markl (Chair of TU Berlin‘s DIMA Group, director of BBDC and Chief Scientist of DFKI, Berlin Office), with an audience of over 1200 students and other members of TU Berlin‘s academic community, he had an opportunity to interview Mr. Pichai (as CEO of Google), pose audience questions, and hear his views on AI and its impact on society.   >> more

i-Space 2018 Silver-Label for SDIL at EBDVF Vienna

VIENNA – 2018-11-13


© Smart Data Innovation Lab

On November 13, 2018 SDIL received again the BDVA i-Space Silver Label at the European Big Data Value Forum 2018 in Vienna. For continuous contributions of accelerating innovations SDIL received the prize beside seven other i-Spaces who received the Silver Label and two other who received the Gold Label. Topics of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the relating EU strategy were discussed during the three-day event from 12 to 14 November. The challenge of the publishing of intra-company data, the business model of open platforms, the welcome of the GDPR as a new chance and the role of explainable AI were also among the topics of discussion.   >> more

Prof. Markl proposes nationwide, independent data and data analysis infrastructure

Berlin – 2019-01-22

In an interview with TU Berlin Press, Prof. Volker Markl (DIMA group, BBDC) discusses the current state of research and commercial use of machine learning and data management technologies in Germany in comparison to international competitors. In accordance with his latest article, published in Informatik Spektrum, he proposes the creation of a national public infrastructure for data and data analysis. Not only large amounts of high-quality data, but further services and tools such as algorithms and hardware capacities need to be accessible to businesses and public institutions in order to prevent further brain and data drain from Europe to the USA or China.   >> more

Fusion of HPC and Data Analytics (HPC-DA)

Dresden/Leipzig – 2018-01-29


© ZIH, TU Dresden

The ZIH expands its high-performance computer with system components for the analysis of complex large amounts of data. As an interface between HPC and Data Analytics, "HPC-DA" offers scalable virtual research environments tailored to user requirements and provide one of the currently most powerful machine learning infrastructures in Germany. All in all, the system offers the opportunity to flexibly combine different technologies to create efficient and customizable research infrastructures. The installation will be open to users from all over Germany whose HPC and Big Data application cases can benefit in a special way from HPC-DA.   >> more

Study on Machine Learning projects in Germany

Berlin – 2018-11-13

On behalf of Smart Data Forum, Fraunhofer IAIS conducted a study on the currently running research and development projects, which use machine learning. In addition to the comprehensive project catalog, featuring more than 120 entries, the publication gives an introduction to the history and fundamental principles of AI and machine learning as well as information on the skilled labor situation, training opportunities and the general structure for organizing a new machine learning project. The offered orientational knowledge makes this publication a valuable introductory reading for SME and non-experts. The study is only available in German language.   >> more

ABIDA expert conference "Big Data: intelligent data analytics for data economics"

Berlin – 2018-10-17

 ABIDA expert panel discussion


At the ABIDA expert conference, Big Data researchers and specialists presented the reports they had prepared for the ABIDA project, in which relevant questions concerning the area of Big Data and concrete recommendations for action for the individual actors were raised. Prof. Dr. Lukas, ministerial director of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research emphasized on the importance of European cooperation in discussing the concept of Big Data. The importance of Big Data for statistics was also among topics of interest.   >> more

AI in Health: French-German perspectives

Berlin – 2018-11-05

AI in health

© Fraunhofer HHI

On November 5th, the French Embassy in Germany and Smart Data Forum jointly organized the event „AI in Health: French-German Perspectives” at the Forum‘s Showroom in Berlin. High level experts from business, research and politics from Germany as well as France discussed the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the healthcare sector in four panels. The approximately 200 guests attended the event and the French Ambassador to Germany Anne-Marie Descôtes and Dr. Thomas Gebhart, Parliamentary State Secretary in the Federal Ministry opened the summit. They both emphasized the strategic partnership of Germany and France with a special focus on French-German cooperation in health and use of AI in the medical domain.  >> more

SDIL at DIH workshop in Brussels

BRUSSELS – 2018-11-07

On November 7, 2018 Big Data and the artificial intelligence were the main themes discussed at the Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) Workshop in Brussels. SDIL was invited to share its experience as a DIH, as well as from the SDSC-BW and the SDI-X perspective, with the working group, the EU-commission and the participating companies. The goal of the workshops was to gather input for the upcoming announcement DT-ICT-05 as part of the EU commission‘s Horizon 2020 program, create or contribute to the definition of the Big Data Innovation Hubs, discuss the concept and their roles in the next EU support program Digital Europe and Horizon 2021.  >> more

Smart Data Forum roadshow to Qatar

Doha – 2018-11-11

 Qatar roadshow

© Smart Data Forum

Smart Data Forum with the support of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) organized a roadshow to the emirate of Qatar from 11-14 November. The goal of this trip was to identify potential cooperation between current research and innovation programs in both countries with a particular focus on digital health and the use of AI in health sector. The delegation consisted of project representatives of the BMWi‘s technology programs Smart Data, Smart Service Welt, representatives of the BMBF funded projects PREDICTioN 2020 and Analyze Genomes and two award-winning start-ups in E-health. They attended World Innovation Summit on Health (WISH) as well as Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar Biobank and Qatar Genome Program.  >> more

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